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Swiftons RFID Blocking Sleeves for Cards and Passport

Swiftons RFID Blocking Sleeves for Cards and Passport
A person is now 17 times more likely to be a victim of plastic card fraud than of robbery (Office For National Statistics, UK).
As criminals embrace technology, we need to become proactive in protecting our data.
Storing a contactless card inside a wallet without RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) protection leaves it open to being scanned and cloned. 
Multiple transactions later, you realise that something awful has happened. You must now begin the process of alerting your bank and the authorities.
With contactless cards stored inside 'Swiftons RFID Blocking Sleeves' an impenetrable shield is formed around your card. This blocks any device from reading your card details.
With biometric passports using RFID technology, it is sensible to store our passports in a 'Swiftons RFID Blocking Sleeve' and protect our identify from fraud.
Take the most important step to shielding your cards and passport from fraud.
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    • 5 x Credit Card Sleeves
    • 1 x Passport Sleeve