10 Simple Ways To Increase iPhone Battery Life

May 13, 2016

iPhone is probably the most significant consumer product brought to market in recent years. Apple releases a new iPhone every year and we can’t get enough of them.

Behind an exterior marked by sheer simplicity, iPhone is a workhorse designed to stay connected to networks, retrieve data, make calculations, and more.  All of this computing power requires processing power and in turn battery power. If we don’t shut down the processes which are less important to us, we find a single charge provides just a few hours use, or less when the phone is a little older.

Here I help you to fine tune your iPhone's settings and get more from your battery.

Make sure you read to the end as I offer a game-changing cheat that you won't want to miss.

Without further ado let’s get down to the top 10 ways to increase battery life on iPhone.


1. Install Latest iPhone Software (iOS)

Apple iOS 9 logo and iPhone imageEach major iOS release includes new power features, and the last major update, iOS 9.0, is no exception. This update (for iPhone 4S and newer) introduced Low Power Mode which makes an impressive impact on extending battery life.

To update iPhone to the latest version go to Settings > General > Software Update.  

You will be prompted if there is a new version available for your phone.

To follow Apple instructions to update your device, visit


2.  Adjust Screen Settings

iOS 9 brightness settings
All things being equal, brightness on the highest setting shortens battery life by about 50% compared with the lowest setting

Keeping brightness at around 50% with Auto-Brightness turned on for automatic adjustment in differing luminosities, will significantly extend battery life.

To turn Auto Brightness On go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Toggle Auto-Brightness On.


To quickly adjust brightness at any time pull up the Control Centre by dragging a finger from the home button up the screen, and drag the brightness slider to around 50% or your desired position.


To go one step further you may want to reduce animation effects, especially if you don’t particularly care for them. You can always try turning them off, using iPhone for a couple of minutes and turning them back on if you miss them. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Toggle to On.


3.  Use a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

use headphones with iphone 6 to improve battery life

Using the internal iPhone speaker consumes more power than a bluetooth speaker or headphones.  


4. Deal With Apps

discover which apps are using most battery on iphone

Discover which apps use most battery by going to Settings > General > Battery

In the Battery Usage section there are two views ‘Last 24 Hours’ and ‘Last 7 Days’.

The little clock icon next to the ‘Last 7 Days’ tab offers more detailed information.

A big waste of my battery is the Home and Lock Screen which is due to Auto-Lock being off. Auto-Lock dims the screen after a set period of time and puts the phone into standby after 30 seconds, 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 minutes. To turn this feature on, go to Settings > General > Auto Lock. It may be annoying to have Auto-Lock on if you read a lot on iPhone, but if increasing battery is your priority you'll probably want Auto-Lock on. 


To shut down an app press the Home button two times quickly. Swipe left / right to find an app to close, then Swipe the preview of the app upwards to close it or tap the X on the top left of the preview screen.

closing apps to improve battery life on iOS


turn off background app refresh to improve battery life on iphoneMany apps continue to update in the background when we’re not using them, and drain our battery in the process. Facebook is a big offender. The way to deal with these apps is to turn Background App Refresh off for the offending app.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is worth being on for apps which offer important, timely information and notifications, like Maps.

Other apps which may benefit from having Background App Refresh turned on are apps which sync with your computer like Notes / Evernote.


5.   Reduce Location Services

turn off location services to improve battery life on iPhone

Location Services tell apps where you are in order to give you information that might be helpful, like the nearest coffee shop or sale. This is useful for maps, and around me apps like Groupon, Foursquare, or Great Little Place. But constant satellite connections and location calculations made by iPhone is a battery suck.

You can turn Location Services off completely, or on an app specific basis by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

You can also choose to turn Location Services on only when using the app, which is sufficient for most apps.

6.   Scale Down Notification Preferences

Notifications use battery because they wake the phone up, turn the screen on, and sometimes make a sound.

Most notifications are not worth the power they use, and turning them off can prove beneficial to both your battery and your productive life.

To take a look at which apps have notifications activated go to Settings > Notifications.

Go through the list and if notifications seem pointless for an app then turn them off.

When I went through mine I found that there were quite a few apps which didn’t require notifications e.g. airbnb, certain retailers, and especially games.

You will want to leave notifications on for Calendar, Reminders, App Store (for software updates), Maps, FaceTime, and Skype.

Think about how you use an app when deciding to turn notifications on / off. If, for example, you want to be notified when someone contacts you through an app, or you need the app to remind you of things, leave notifications on for these apps. 


7.  Turn Off Fetch New Mail

The Mail app on iOS can be set to fetch new emails as often as every 15 minutes. Unless you spend your time checking emails to the exclusion of all else this frequency of mail fetching isn't necessary.

The alternative approach to retrieving new emails is to fetch them Manually.  This method fetches new mails only when you open the app, thus preventing Mail connecting regularly to servers, retrieving mail, and using your battery when you’re busy doing other things.

To switch Mail to fetch emails manually go to

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push > Toggle to Off

If you have several email accounts, you will want to select each account and toggle to Manual.

To fetch new emails, open Mail, make sure you are in all mailboxes or the mailbox you want to fetch new email for, and pull down on the screen.


8. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

turn off automatic downloads to improve battery life

Automatic downloads is a feature which pushes Music, Apps, Books and Updates you downloaded on another Apple device automatically to your iPhone.

It is a feature that reduces the interaction necessary to maintain an up to date handset, but it is not the right setting if battery life is your priority.

To turn off Automatic Downloads, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Toggle Automatic Downloads to the Off position for Music, Apps, Books and Audiobooks, and Updates.

With Automatic Downloads off, you will need to update iOS manually. You can do this at Settings > General > Software Update. You will also need to update Apps manually by opening the App Store app and tapping Updates on the bottom right corner of the app. To update an app when a newer version is available, simply tap update or to update all at once, tap Update All from the top right corner of the app.

To get notified when apps and software is ready to update turn notifications on for App Store (method above). 


9.  Stop Using Free Apps With Ads And Playing Games

close apps with free ads to improve battery powerGames use a lot of processing power to render graphics, which in turn drains a lot of battery.

If you want to make your battery go further you may want to read a kindle or listen to some music with the phone on standby.

Another battery drain is free apps with ads. Because the ads are being delivered via data to your phone, the app is constantly connected to the internet to refresh ads. A quick double press of the home button and a swipe up will quickly close such an offender.


10. Turn Low Power Mode On (iOS 9)

use low power mode to increase battery life on iphone

iOS 9.0 introduced Low Power Mode and it is the most comprehensive power management feature ever to grace iOS.

In a single toggle Low Power Mode turns off or reduces mail fetching, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and visual effects.

Unlike the name suggests you don’t actually need to be low on power to turn on Low Power Mode, and it can be incredibly useful if you’re leaving home for the day and are unlikely to get much opportunity to charge your phone.

To turn on Low Power Mode manually go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. 


Cheat Tip:  Use a Neotron Charger Case for iPhone 6, 6S

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Charger cases are great for travel, commuting, and emergencies.


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