Introducing The Thinnest, Lightest Battery Case For iPhone 6S and 6.

April 11, 2017

iphone 6 battery case ultra slim

If you think iPhone is the best product to hit the marketplace in a lifetime, you’re not alone.

I, for one, am with you, and a trip to your local Apple Store will show you that there are more like us.

Our most common iPhone complaint, however, is battery life, which, universally it seems, we wish was better.

A couple of years ago we launched a battery case for iPhone 6. The product was very popular because it solved the battery problem we all face.

Feedback from our customers told us that the case was too bulky. Other feedback centred around the kickstand being too flimsy. And, some found the two-piece design to be awkward.

We listened.

Shutting ourselves away from distraction, we designed the heck out of a new charger case for iPhone 6 and 6S.

Fast forward two years and what we have come up with is a product that addresses all of our customers' feedback.

The case itself is 30% thinner and lighter than the majority of battery cases.

Adding just 4mm of depth to iPhone, people are stunned that it is a battery case and believe it is a normal (non-battery) case.

The chin, which is typically 8mm of the frame at the base of the case, has been completely removed.

This great new case comes in three popular colours, Silver, Black and Rose Gold.

So, how would you feel about waking up with two full tanks of battery every day, wrapped up in a case so thin and so light you won't believe you’re using battery case.

We call it “Battrii” and for a limited time you can get yours at an exclusive introductory price of just £24.99.

View It Here


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